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#AZENET20: Let's Talk About Soft Skills

July 15, 2019 9:07 AM | Marina Celaya

Deven Wisner, our very own AZENet President-Elect, has written a blog post that talks a bit about Evaluation "Soft Skills." What are soft skills in terms of evaluation, you may ask? Read a short excerpt from his post below: 

"As I consider our efforts to establish the technical skills needed to be effective practitioners, I propose that we should be simultaneously focused on the other part of the formula: soft skills. Because after all is said and done, if we can’t have meaningful dialogue with stakeholders…meeting them where they’re at…it seems aspirational to think that a reliance on our technical skills alone will result in the use of findings. Let’s start thinking beyond certifications and traditional forms of expertise. You might call it back to the basics on effective human interaction!"

Click here to go to Deven's blog and read more!

Deven Wisner, M.S., is trained in applied psychology, with concentrations in evaluation research, and industrial-organizational psychology. Deven is a consultant focused on bringing data and research based decision making into a variety of organizations. Proudly, he identifies as a “dataviz” nerd and enjoys storytelling through infographics. Deven’s research interests are in evaluation methods and approaches, as well as interpersonal effectiveness among evaluators and stakeholders.

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